Economics and Free Agency

As I was still discovering that I needed to start this blog, I wrote two posts at the old blog surrounding the Chris Carter quandary.  Here’s a couple of excerpts:

As I was talking Friday with a friend about baseball I mentioned offhandedly that the home-run leader from the National League (co-leader I later was reminded when researching this post), Chris Carter, remains an unsigned free agent with Spring Training only a couple of weeks away.  Carter had 41 homers last year and 94 RBIs while playing first base for the Milwaukee Brewers.  He was playing out a 1 year contract at $2.5M, and granted free agency at the end of the season.

Source: Counter-Intuitive Moves | #Optimism and Irony

And then the situation resolved:

“An AL team did sign Carter…the New York Yankees.  The Yankees consistency have one of the highest payrolls in Major League so the money isn’t a major issue for them.  They signed Carter for a one year, $3.5M contract.”

Carter earned $2.5 million with the Brewers in 2016 and he could provide some pop to a Yankee lineup that needs it, especially after losing Carlos Beltran (22 home runs) at the 2016 trade deadline and Brian McCann (20 home runs) to a trade with Houston this offseason.

If you’re interested in the economics and the movements in the baseball marketplace around the less-than-mobile slugger, I’d read both posts and the posts that are linked out to from them.  I’ll have more for you tomorrow!


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