First Week of College Ball

So I started some “draft prep”, participating in this guy’s project to engage around the draft and college ball this year.  I originally tried to follow 2 teams, but now that the college season has begun I’ve closed that down to just my hometown Braves.

Bradley started the season off winning 2 of 3 in their opening series against the Islanders from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 7-10L, 9-5W, 7-6W.  I got a chance to steam part of game one of the series and watched them collapse with the bullpen, giving up 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th.  Freshman, and local Peoria guy, Luke Shadid had a great series with 5 hits including a double and a triple.  I’ll be watching him for a few years since tickets to Dozer Park where they play are cheap and often free.  They’ve got him playing shortstop as a freshman which means he’s got talent in the field, too.  Way too early to tell if he goes pro, but if he stays healthy I’m going to keep my eye on him.  He’s one of two Lukes from Peoria, and the other, Mangieri, plays first base and had a good series going 5-10.  Both should be back next year, I’d imagine.

I’ve never followed college baseball before, so this will be a new experience.  Since Bradley is not only local, but my alma mater, I’ll have a good level of interest going forward.  They play again this weekend at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville.


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