Access Baseball

So one of my goals for this blog is to approach baseball from a point of view that is 50% baseball nerd and 50% noob.  To be true to both the name and my interests I need to get into the geeky math from time to time.  But…to be true to the goals of the blog:  making baseball accessible to the newbies I will need to go through some terms that I’ve learned and am still learning.

There are lots of blogs out there on the Cubs, so I’m not trying to repeat those, but I’ll mention them from time to time.  For the blog to be successful I’ll want to see 1-2 people at least who have never followed baseball gain some appreciation for the game.  It’s a bonus if I get some opportunity to mix it up with other avid fans in the comments.

So I’m going to try to, each (or most?) Friday, have a new post scheduled that deals with some facet of baseball or a glossary term that can help you newer fans (or trying-to-figure-out-if-you-want-to-be-a-fan) understand a little more about baseball.

Why Friday?  Because the most likely day for the Cubs to be off is Thursday.  So there won’t be any reporting of the previous night’s game on most Fridays.  So watch this space on Friday mornings for fun exciting information about baseball that you never even dared to ask (but you can ask all you want in the comments).


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