Enter the Offseason

Obviously my blogging energy spurt was short lived and I missed out on posting about the Cubs winning the NLDS, losing the NLCS and then the Astros beating the Dodgers for the franchise’s very first world series championship.  I will obviously not make any promises about future production here, but here’s the thing:

Baseball season is over but baseball season never ends.

Right now we’ve moved from the 2017 postseason to another favorite part of the year:  hot stove season.  It’s where the business of baseball gets interesting and teams are working out their multi-year strategy at the point of entering another season.  Some teams are rebuilding.  Others are replacing some major or minor parts.  Others are going all-in with free agent acquisitions with a hope of winning it all next year.  Most of all the big moves will happen before spring training opens up in February, but some will carry on through opening day and then more and more moves accelerating into the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

As an example:  as of the end of the season 8 players on the Cubs’ 40 man roster became free agents.  The team no longer has them under contract and they (through their agents) will be shopping around for other deals trying to find the best possible outcome for themselves that a team’s general manager (GM) will agree to.  Some of those players will retire before next year.  Others will suffer through NRI (non-roster invitee to Spring Training) status in the late winter/early spring.  A couple may return to the Cubs, and most of them will sign multiple year contracts with another team trying to leverage that player’s talent with the rest of the team to do something next year.

This is where the market economy is most obvious in baseball.  As I have time I’ll write about what’s going on and what could, may and does happen and make predictions about what kind of team the Cubs (and others) will field next year.

Opening day is the last week of March next year.  I already have plane tickets to see the Cubs play in Miami (I may not score tickets for opening day but game 2 or 3 should be accessible) and am counting down the days.  On opening day every team is 111 wins away from winning the whole show.

Let the wheeling and dealing commence.


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